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タイトル Frac Plugs
投稿日: 2021/04/07(Wed) 17:35
投稿者Frac Plugs【】   <>
Frac Plugs,Dissolvable Plugs,Wellbore Strengthening
Vertechs is an innovative upstream oil & gas service company specializing in wellbore isolation. We provide customized solutions with industry-leading technologies and expertise for both conventional and unconventional completions. We also provide drilling solutions and drilling fluids services. Our engineering team possesses extensive oil & gas industry knowledge and field experience, delivering high quality products and professional services with outstanding results around the globe. Our objective is to offer innovative technologies and customized solutions that improve operation efficiency, minimize risk, and ultimately bring value and improve returns for our customers人気新作す日本一番Dissolvable Plugs在庫2021通販店

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