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タイトル Herbal extraction
投稿日: 2021/01/12(Tue) 19:00
投稿者Herbal extraction【】   <>

Herbal extraction machine manufacturer and supplier
Ifluidtec, cbd oil extraction machine supplier to provide extractors for cannabis hemp extraction and distillation. Cannabis treatment process before extraction starts with plant cultivation and plant picking; dry material pre-treatment; selection, drying, crushing. Then enter extraction process: pre-cooling to ultra-low temperature via ethanol, liquid nitrogen and other coolant. After that goes cannabis extraction, winterization, filtering, evaporation, molecular distillation. Here users will get a full spectrum CBD oil. They can further process to separate this mixture into CBD oil, THC oil, resin via special treatment, During the extraction and separation process, vacuum degree, temperature, timing is very crucial to decide what ingredients to get. 2021大人気の新作通販店つ超級人気ね一流販賣

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